Bitefight vs Doomlord

This article compares the two browser games, Bitefight and Doomlord.
In both games, you develop a character: in Bitefight, a vampire/werewolf, in Doomlord, a fantasy hero of immerse power. In both games, you can perform time-based actions, which earn you resources, which you can spend on improving your character. Also, in both games, you can attack other players, and steal these resources from them.

Character development

In both games, you can earn experience, which helps you advance levels. You can also purchase equipment, and increase your abilities. In Doomlord, you have additional options: as you advance in level, you can choose from many different skills, and you can also vary the power of your items by customizing them. In addition, you can capture, train and equip pets which helps you in your fight. While in Bitefight, players don't have too many choices, in Doomlord, you can follow many strategies depending on which skills / abilities you improve.

Player vs player

In both games, you can attack other players. Doomlord's attack interface is more sophisticated, you always get a wide array of possible targets, in Bitefight you either get a completely random target, or have to type in the opponen's name. In Doomlord, weaker players give lesser loot, and there are numerous ways to defend yourself (invisibility, hide when at low hp, hide in catacombs etc). In Bitefight you have much less options, usually the weak gets preyed on. Doomlord's combat system is also more complicated and there is more room for strategy due to the skill system.


In both games, players can form clans. While in Bitefight this is just a community, with little or no benefit, in Doomlord clans can build all kind of buildings which give different benefits to the players. In Doomlord, clans can also fight together epic opponents for unique artifacts. Bitefight uses a message board for clan communication, Doomlord has a built-in forum besides the message board. Both games has a form of clan war system, Doomlord's is more complex and offers more strategy.


Doomlord is a clear winner here, as you advance in level, you get more and more options. First there is only the hunting (basic resource production), but later on you get missions, quests, auction house, epic fights, dimension door battles, crystal horde etc. Bitefight offers very little besides the basic resource production and pvp fights. Doomlord offers some long-term goals, like getting rid of the Infection, and has a unique built-in story system. Also one of the greatest appeal of Doomlord is that while hunting, you can answer quiz questions, or you can even write your own questions.


Both games are basicly free, but you may choose to pay for premium options. Price depends largery on how many options you use, but the average price of the two game is similar.


While Bitefight's original graphics was not so great, now it has some really impressive new arts. Doomlord has also improved over the time, they recently redesigned the whole game. Doomlord has much more unique pictures, for nearly a thousand items and creatures.


Bitefight was a nice game when it was released, but the game market has improved a lot in the past years, and Doomlord is a good example of the new generation browser games. It's a game you can play for a surprisingly long time, I know a lot of people who play it since the beginning - and it's really a long time, because the first server started like 18 months ago.